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Moving Your Treasures

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There comes a time in everyones life that the unenviable will happen. We always think that our parents will be there for ever. But that day comes and you are asked to help with downsizing and getting the home you were raised in ready for sale. What to do? Where to go? How to cope? I was put into this position myself a few years ago. Having to find a way to get rid of my fathers furniture and try to make some pocket money for him in return. There were a lot of options, donate, clear out, garbage. But having quite a bit of very useful items, and furniture and antiques I decided to try to sell them.
You know what they say, one mans trash is another’s treasure. Well, this became evident within the first few days. I had tried the garage sale but for what was sold and what I was able to get I decided to try a different route. I decided to sell all his items on line. I had 3 months and a very large home filled with a lot, but this was the start of what I do today. Within those 3 months I managed to sell everything in the home.
Since starting this business, I have helped countless clients sell their furniture and items in the past few years. By doing this they save on moving costs, and the stress that comes with moving. Clients are happy when they can receive some cash for the years of accumulation and hard work in their home.
I have built a network of clientele who follow my buy and sell site. Through this many purchase many of the items that I have sold for many of my clients.

Let me help you take that next step and take the worry for your piece of mind.

Thank you Egle for your wonderful service! You made downsizing my 2400 sq ft home stress free! You were very efficient & knowledgeable in pricing the items to get them sold fast. I will highly recommend you to my friends!

Donna Scarcello

We work with several of the real estate agents in the area and we are a separate addon in one of the many services they offer. We work independently and directly with you to get you through this trying time. Please feel free to examine how our services work and some of the products we now have available from customers that have signed up for our services.